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How do you classify the poems ?
There is a simple distinction between classic and contemporary poets. We don't want to publish an exhaustive collection of the poets' works. LeS dOiGtS bLeUs is meant to be an anthology. The way we select the poems that are on the site is by asking ourselves one simple question : If I was to go live alone on a island, what poems would I take with me ?

How do you choose the poems ?
Poems are either selected by the LeS dOiGtS bLeUs associations or submitted online ( I invite everyone to submit poems :-)

Why do you give so little information about the poets & poems ?
Once I gave my dad one of Baudelaire's lesser known poems and told him it was me who had written it. I don't think there is a word of it that he didn't criticize. Another time I gave him one of my poems saying it has been written by Baudelaire and my dad found it subtle and delicious.
It often happens that people look at a work differently depending on what they know about it. An artwork is not all inspiration and emotion, it's also a social construction.
When you are brought up in a nice milieu, you have to love the "great" artists. And then you tend to love Picasso because it's Picasso or Shakespeare because it's Shakespeare... not for what these works touch in you.
In order not to stimulate those unconscious mechanisms, we have chosen to give you minimal information about the poets and poems. If you like a text, look up the artist with a search engine, but for the moment just encounter the verses and rhymes. Discover the words before you discover the movements, schools and superstar-poets.

What is the LeS dOiGtS bLeUs association ?
LeS dOiGtS bLeUs means "the blue fingers" in French. It's a collective of artists aiming at bringing art into life (our name comes from the sentence "I will touch the sky and I'll have blue fingers"). We promote contemporary artistic creation (artists of the collective make movies, photo & painting exhibits, texts, plays...) and art-related solidarity action. To know more about the association, check out this page.

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